Frozen moments from the infinity that is time


Hida No Sato

The Hida Folk Village (Hida No Sato) is located in the town of Takayama and is best described as a living museum of traditional houses relocated from around the Hida region.  Although the region is agriculturally poor, its mountain location has provided access to other resources – principally timber and water.  These in turn have historically produced highly skilled carpenters whose craft is evident in the Edo Period (1603 – 1867) houses within the village and a long established sake brewing industry built around the area’s pure water supply.

Exploring Hida No Sato is to step back in time.  Fires are lit daily in the hearths of each house to help preserve the houses and add further atmosphere.  The first photograph shows examples of Gassho style buildings, which take their name from their steeply sloping thatched roofs resembling “gassho” (praying hands).  An internal view of this style (photograph 12) shows the intricate workmanship and how the ends allow air and light to circulate, conditions essential to silkworm cultivation.

I found it comforting to know that these old wooden houses will live on as a living example of a bygone era.  Finally, thanks for reading my blog and I wish you a very happy Christmas.

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