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Shades of Japan – Part 2

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As with Part 1, the selections posted here represent shots primarily taken to capture a colour and/or texture. They are, however, a more varied selection of images, some of which certainly would have stories to tell, such as the antique doll at pic 4 being handmade and given as a wedding gift to a local bride.

Similarly the shots of the head and tail of the massive fish shaped kite on display at Hida No Sato (pics 6 and 7) can only hint at how magnificent the kite would be in operation, where it would take on a life of its own moving in rhythm with the vagaries of the wind. Nevertheless, even in this static form the workmanship and subtlety of colour attract one’s attention.

Then there is the mystery of pic 11 titled “Colourful messages in Gion”. When one comes across these displays, their shape and colours cannot be ignored, yet the written messages suggest a greater significance than being of pure aesthetic value and each object is likely to contain an individual story. Whilst I cannot say precisely what the objects are called, my guess is that they are an alternative form of the Emo tablets found in shrines across Japan.

Japan is a land of many shades, both figuratively and literally and in this two-part series I have tried to show a small selection of shades that at various times and in various places caught my eye.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas.

(Please click on any of the following images for an enlarged view.)

Author: johnliddlephotography

Photography reflects how I see the world around me. I respond to images that interest me, which can be anything ... people, places, colour, texture ... anything at all. By sharing my photos through this blog I know that viewers will see based on their life experiences. That is the wonder of photography ... one image ... many interpretations.

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