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Sakura Remembered (Kyoto)


Once experienced never forgotten is but one way to describe Japan’s cherry blossom (Sakura) season. These delicate pink/white flowers that visit fleetingly, yet around which so much goodwill is generated stay in one’s memory.

I will not pretend to understand the phenomenon of Sakura and the celebrations (Hanami) that will be taking place in Japan as this post is written. Nevertheless, around this time of year, no matter where I am, I find my thoughts drawn to and remembering the Sakura. For Japanese people the bond to the Sakura grows season by season and perhaps the same applies to non-Japanese who have lived in Japan for some years.

As concern grows over our environment and as modern life separates us more and more from nature, I must admit to some envy at Japan’s annual celebration of the Sakura and the nation’s more general appreciation of the seasons. Whilst Japan has its own environmental challenges, I cannot help but think that such widespread appreciation of nature is a positive force for the future.

In March/April 2014 I posted a series of images and thoughts on the cherry blossom season and with this post I have included some additional shots taken at various locations around Kyoto. Once experienced never forgotten.

(Please click on any of the following images for an enlarged view.)

Author: johnliddlephotography

Photography reflects how I see the world around me. I respond to images that interest me, which can be anything ... people, places, colour, texture ... anything at all. By sharing my photos through this blog I know that viewers will see based on their life experiences. That is the wonder of photography ... one image ... many interpretations.

6 thoughts on “Sakura Remembered (Kyoto)

  1. Your photos really capture the warmth and excitement of spring in Japan! I really love Pic #3. It’s like looking through a tunnel into a magical world!

  2. Ah, Kyoto♥
    It feels like home to finally drop by to enjoy your posts once again – and getting to relish sights of Kyoto is a true delight. 🙂

    “Once experienced, never forgotten” is an apt way indeed to express how enchanting Kyoto lives on in the hearts of her fans..

    Love all your pictures here – especially Pictures 7 to 10 that I adore – all of which manage to capture how the sakura (or hanami celebratory season) is so much a part of the everyday lives of the Japanese people.

    To have so much beauty all around while one walks/travels to work or school.. I think it’d need a great amount of self-discipline to not get bowled over by the wondrous beauty at every step (I have a feeling I would probably just stop in my tracks in sheer awe at almost every tree in blossom.. almost akin to a library or bookstore, sigh. A terrible confession for a traveler, perhaps). But who could resist Kyoto’s charm? 🙂

    Take care, my friend and do keep warm in the months to come.

  3. Thanks B,
    You’ve solved the mystery of why the Sakura blossoms come and go so quickly. A longer season might cause the Japanese economy to grind to a halt haha.

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