Frozen moments from the infinity that is time



Wherever one travels there are always recurring photographic subjects.  Sometimes we seek them out and others just seem to accumulate as the trip goes on.  One of my recurring subjects was steps, though there is more as will be seen in future posts.

Steps seemed appropriate for my final post of 2013.  As we approach 2014, many people will make resolutions and set goals for the New Year, some of which will be pursued and achieved.  Reaching a goal requires taking the necessary steps and I hope that someone may find among these photographs, an image to help them focus on their goals.  If you do, please write and let me know.

The images are varied and speak for themselves.  Some were taken for their simple beauty; others such as the mum keeping a close eye on her energetic daughter are universal; and others such as the monks returning to their quarters at day’s end capture a scene that has travelled through the ages.

I wish everyone a happy, safe and successful new year and I look forward to sharing more of my photographs with you in 2014.

(Please click on any of the following images for an enlarged view.)


Author: johnliddlephotography

Photography reflects how I see the world around me. I respond to images that interest me, which can be anything ... people, places, colour, texture ... anything at all. By sharing my photos through this blog I know that viewers will see based on their life experiences. That is the wonder of photography ... one image ... many interpretations.

2 thoughts on “Steps

  1. Beautiful pictures, these!
    Just back from an all-too-brief trip to enchanting Kyoto myself.. what a lovely place!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures and have a great 2014, too! Do take care and stay well, too. 🙂

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