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Autumn in Japan



Irrashaimase or welcome to my first post.  It’s now Autumn in Japan, so it seems right to share some photographs of the seasonalAutumn colours.  Science may explain the colour changes as a chemical reaction to trees shutting-off nutrition to the leaves, but I prefer to think of it more simply as nature’s way.  To survive the winter it is necessary to shed, but not before putting on a spectacular colour display to awe all who witness it.  

To say the Autumn colours are celebrated is an understatement.  I was totally unprepared for the number of people of all ages who flock to gardens, parks and temples, particularly at weekends and public holidays, to enjoy the annual visual feast.  However, this adds to the experience and demonstrates how integral the seasons are to the Japanese culture and lifestyle.  Indeed, one feels some envy that such a natural phenomenon as seasonal change is so appreciated and that community pleasure is derived from such a natural and recurring event.  Of course, Japan has the advantage of enjoying four distinct seasons – an advantage not shared by all countries.  Nevertheless, there is a lesson to be learned from Japan’s appreciation of nature.

I do have one wish though and that is that the authorities would be less efficient in clearing away the fallen leaves.  They make a beautiful carpet and one of life’s little pleasures is walking through a carpet of rustling leaves no matter what age we are.  Enjoy!

(Please click on any of the following images for an enlarged view.)

Author: johnliddlephotography

Photography reflects how I see the world around me. I respond to images that interest me, which can be anything ... people, places, colour, texture ... anything at all. By sharing my photos through this blog I know that viewers will see based on their life experiences. That is the wonder of photography ... one image ... many interpretations.

5 thoughts on “Autumn in Japan

  1. Great photos and a well-written post!
    I agree that it would be nice to walk through rustling leaves.

  2. Thanks Raveca,
    Maybe it’s time for a “rustling leaves” campaign :).


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  4. Oh my, this is absolutely gorgeous!
    Missed the glorious and multi-coloured canopies of Kyoto in autumn on my trip last December.

    But yes, I definitely concur with your wonderful idea of enjoying the gorgeous “carpet of rustling leaves” you share here – surely one of the wondrous blessings of nature.

    Thank you for sharing your light and do take care too, my friend. 🙂

  5. Thanks B,
    Autumn in Kyoto is indeed glorious, made all the more so by the way the Japanese people appreciate and celebrate each of their four distinct seasons. I hope you will be able to have this experience one day.

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